Scientific research directions

- Studying the issues of anthropogenesis, the development of production technologies by ancient man, the development and genesis of the cultures of the Ancient Stone Age; research of the production orientation of the Paleolithic and Neolithic population;

 - research into the problems of the emergence of proto-city civilizations, the emergence of statehood on the territory of Uzbekistan and cultural and ideological views, the study of early irrigation;

 - study of archaeological data on the problem of urbanization and migration processes of an ancient settlement in the era of antiquity. Study of the material and spiritual culture of Bactria, Sogd, ancient Khorezm, Chach and Fergana of the Hellenistic period and late antiquity;

- a comprehensive study of the history, economy and culture of the historical and cultural regions of Uzbekistan of the Middle Ages;

- expanding the implementation of scientific and technological progress in the issue of restoration and conservation of archaeological sites.